Give us a new Silent Hill game!

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Silent Hill is one of the (if not THE) best horror game series ever and even if there still are some new horror games these days (mostly indie horror games) none of those games reaches Silent Hill's scary and creepy atmosphere mixed with incredible stories and soundtracks.

Silent Hill showed us that a horror game can be much more than just an action game mixed with zombies and jumpscares. It went deeply into the minds of the main characters and became the true meaning of a psychological horror game.

Today most horror games always have one problem: they either are just a scary walking simulator without true gameplay elements or they become an action game and are not really scary.

The Silent Hill series leaves a big hole in the gaming industry these days and it deserves to come back to home consoles / PC. Even a small interactive teaser like P.T. was enough to turn the gaming industry upside down and left all horror and Silent Hill fans behind with broken hearts.

A new Silent Hill game is what we really need to see these days.


Make it happen!