Get Konami to create a new Silent Hill game which links all the others together

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Alexander Laing
Alexander Laing signed this petition

Dear Konami, I speak for many fans as I say that we have valued and appreciated your hard work and dedication to your fans of Silent Hill over the years. We would very much value and appreciate it if you could bring new life back to the greatest story and life ever created Silent Hill. I'm pleading and humbly asking for a new installment in the series in which it comes to the ultimate climax of the end of Silent Hill in which it can go out with one massive final bang. Silent Hill 1 came out when I was 9 years old and I remember playing it when I was ni d years old and have many fond memories of playing it and became a massive fan. I however also run a Silent Hill group in which I have over 600 fans worldwide connected to it.

It would mean a great deal to us if you could make us dedicated and loyal fans of Silent Hill one final last installment of the main series. 

I for one can speak for thousands if not millions of people worldwide and for myself to say thank you for your time. I myself would pay money for it. 

Kind regards

Your loyal fan of Silent Hill