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Castlevania Remakes on New Generation Consoles.

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Like many people know, the producer of most of the Castlevania games, IGA (Koji Igarashi), has departed from Konami and since then we've gotten 3 games that were no longer made by him in the years 2010-2014, In which some people show mixed reactions to. Kojima produced the first one in 2010 which made it a reboot but after that, Mercurysteam started making the last two and were not good enough. So without IGA, the least Konami can give us are remastered versions of IGA' s old projects that he's worked in, like Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow. If they can't then what they can is create a new game on the new generation consoles at least showing how Julius destroyed Dracula in 1999. Most fans have always wanted to see any of these possibilities happen. IGA is currently working on a Castlevania-type of game called Bloodstained so he wouldn't really have time to be doing or worrying about these topics but then again I would sign of you would really like to see one of these great nostalgic games come remastered to the PS4 or Xbox One. A Game Designer on Youtube named "dejawolf" was creating a remake and posting updates of Castlevania 1 on his own and it looked great, even someone from Konami UK was going to talk to Konami Japan to see if he can get the license for it to see if he can continue working on the project, but unfortunately they shut it down. So what I'm saying is if Konami doesn't want others to do their games for them, then let's tell them that we want Castlevania by letting our voice be heard.

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