An improvement to the sustainability of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.

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Duel Links originally was the most free-to-play friendly mobile game I’ve come across. Ever since then, I and many others have dedicatedly played the game since its release. I enjoyed it so much so I could see the potential in the game and even decided to make monetary investments myself. However as of today, my opinion of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links has severely changed, with many others. Why is this? It is because of the onslaught of Gem reductions that we’ve been seeing throughout the year.

Gems are the games main currency in which players purchase packs from boxes to obtain cards. The other way to get said cards is to buy them via micro-transactions. As aforementioned, Duel Links was extremely free-to-play friendly with the satisfactory amount of Gems given to players from events, character farming, levelling and other sources. However, all these Gem sources have seen a reduction in some way. For example, the previous Duel island event only had a single Gem to obtain from the lottery. The gate events have had their Gems reduced across the board. For example, the Welcome to Toon World event from last year had 450 Gems available whereas, the Cyberdark Impact event only has 340 Gems available. Farming characters could get you 15 Gems from chests in addition to the 15 Gems from duplicate skills. Now you are randomly given 5, 10 or 15 Gems. And now Zane Truesdales 300 Gems at level 30 have been replaced by another copy of Cyber End Dragon. The list of Gem reductions goes on and on.

So who is affected by the Gem reductions? Everyone. The players and interestingly, Konami too. This is not a good situation for Konami to be in. Players that do not spend at all struggle to keep up with the game and are more incentivised to play less or stop playing altogether. Players like myself that do not spend large amounts of money but spend here and there. Instead of trying to keep up with the pace of the game, they may be put off by the high costs of boxes and opt not buy packs with money. The players that spend the most amount of money also known as ‘whales’. Over the course of a time period, they’ll realise that owning 3 copies of each card is extremely expensive and not worth it especially because, there is no guarantee that a card will retain its value and can easily become useless the next month. Having a lower amount of downloads means that the game will not get noticed as much as it could and poor reviews can deter potential players from being players.

Why is the Gem reductions a problem? The game lacks a way to steadily increase Gems even if it means playing excessively. Once you’ve maxed the levels of your characters, it becomes difficult to obtain Gems. Cards from boxes can be outdated the next month and become completely worthless. There is not even a system where players can trade in old cards for newer cards. Leaving old boxes at full price simply deters others from buying them. Archetypes are being spread across multiple boxes. Fire Fists for example, has been spread across 4 boxes yet aren’t even close to being completed.

What needs to happen is a complete overhaul in the system. If you’re going to reduce gems, then boxes need to be smaller. Main boxes are a whopping 200 packs at a dollar a pack. Otherwise, increase the stream of Gems. The game is becoming increasingly unsustainable and the figures have shown a decreasing amount of active players of Steam. Players are expecting more and more reductions to come which is not something to be proud about.

Like many others, I love Yu-Gi-Oh and want to continue playing it. So much so that I am committed to the cause of creating a sustainable environment for all players.

I appreciate any and all support. Thank you.