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Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia a.k.a YLBHI), Padang Legal Aid Institute (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Padang) and Pekanbaru Legal Aid Institute (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Pekanbaru) are currently advocating the case of farmers of Serikat Mandiri Batanghari at Jambi against a big company, PT. Wirakarya Sakti (PT. WKS, a subsidiary company of Sinar Mas). 

Ever since the advocacy started, intimidations have started to occur, one of which was creating a hoax of Era being involved in an affair with state official even though it never happened. Several days later, the false news was erased from the publisher.

Recently, there was an effort of libel and online persecution through an article on Kompasiana (one of national media platform in Indonesia) which was written by someone named BEN: 


Allegedly, the libel caused mass mob to create a siege at District Court of Jambi and persecuted Era (Vice Head of Advocacy Division in YLBHI). During the confrontation between the mobs and Era, she clarified the false information that was spread, stating she had never stated such claim.

On the ground of the article, Era was reported to the police under the allegation of insulting/humiliating citizen of Jambi through one of her statements. The report was made by someone named M. Amin.

The threat is dangerously escalating for Era and other legal representatives of SMB. The spreading hoax continuously causes mobilization of masses. 

Therefore, President of Indonesia, Head of National Police and Indonesian National Human Rights Commission have to take their stances on this case and provide protection for human rights defenders to be free from intimidation and persecution while conducting human rights work.