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Stop the opening of your store on Thanksgiving Night or Midnight Friday.

The whole day of Thanksgiving is important to be spent with family and loved ones. You making the decision to open your stores at midnight FORCES many people to make a decision between relaxing with family or missing good deals at your store. the competition of stores to open first has gotten so out of hand, it forces me to ask what will be next? How about not observing Thanksgiving altogether and open stores for people to go shopping instead? What kind of family values and tradition are you retail stores trying to begin? I think it feels more like you are trying to ruin them instead. By no means is your company the only one doing wrong here, Target, BestBuy and WalMart are also planning a night before opening, but Kohl's I look to you to set a better example. Your store is at the top of my list on Black Friday morning, it is a good store with great taste, therefore I hold you to higher standards, set a good example for these other stores because I can tell you right now, I for one am now boycotting even going in on Friday morning, why should I if everyone already took the "best" deals the night before? Instead I will take my shopping else where, a place where I will be part of the tradition of doors opening Black Friday morning! Please consider this petition, really think about it and set a better example for more to hopefully follow, I can say petitions will be going out to all those stores as well.

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  • Kohl's Department Stores, CEO Kevin Mansell

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