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Stop Kogarah Council's plan to cut down beautiful 80 year old trees on St Georges Pde!

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Kogarah Council has decided to start cutting trees along St Georges Pde, Hurstville, NSW in the next 2-3 weeks.

Our street still has one of the most beautiful tree alleys in the area, not many of these are still around. Trees have been a vital part of our street’s landscape. But this may soon change. 

So far, Kogarah Council has posted signs which say 3 trees will be cut down, for 'amenity' and 'public safety' reasons. We fear this is just the beginning and more trees may go down just as they did back in 2011.

We believe existing path damage by these large trees is minor and does not significantly impair accessibility for disabled people, or the use of prams, etc.

Large trees contribute significantly to:

  • local climate regulation (2)
  • filtration of atmospheric pollutants (3)
  • health and well-being (4)
  • they enrich our lives.
  • they form a unique street landscape
  • they contribute to property value



We ask Kogarah Council Mayor Stephen Agius and Deputy Mayor Annie Tang to use more environmentally friendly methods (1), as other Sydney councils do, including:

  • flexible materials such as bitumen, paving or rubber compounds around the base of large trees (which allows root movement and avoids ongoing footpath problems),
  • bridging footpaths (which raise paths above and over roots),
  • re-routing underground pipes around roots where necessary.

If you care about your environment and your street, sign this petition today!



- Mayor Agius and Deputy Mayor Tang -

1) Best practice manual/Trees and tree roots - Statewide Mutual, NSW, 2011.

2) LGA urban forest policy (adopted at 2003 LGA Conference).

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