Fix "Attack on Titan 2" on Nintendo Switch!!

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The game "Attack on Titan 2" for Nintendo Switch published by "Koei Tecmo Holdings", runs in a depressing way!

As an expensive game, almost a third of the Brazilian minimum wage (country where I live), would be deserved a better port. Developers have not bothered to use as much hardware as possible, since in portable mode, the game spends almost as much battery power as "Stardew Valley," a game with 16-bit graphics!

Games like DOOM, RIME and Rocket League have been improved over time and with updates, but the "Attack on Titan 2" game is definitely lighter than these games, and it's a lack of respect for consumers who bought the game on the Nintendo console, to receive a version similar to PSVita and comparable to the game of Nintendo 3DS or an PlayStation2 version, if this existed, but with an absurd quantity of framerate drops, which would only be justified if it was the version of PlayStation4 or PC.

I sincerely ask that you try to justify this performance and graphic on the console, which is similar to a mobile game that is not worth the money, not for this price with this performance. I hope you guys will get the game with future updates!