We want a Shaman King reprint - Manga by Takei Hiroyuki

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The Manga series "Shaman King" was published from 1998 - 2004 in Weekly Shounen Jump. The Mangaka Takei Hiroyuki abruptly ended his series after 32 volumes in 2004. These 32 volumes got translated and published into english by Viz Media. Takei returned to the series a few years later and with the reprinted edition of the series the so called Kanzenban edition the "true ending" was revealed. From 2012 - 2014 Takei drew a sequel called "Shaman King Flowers"

Sadly we never got the true ending of the series published in english, nor did we get the sequel series. The Series is still one of the most popular Shounen from the 90s and many people are still buying the english version from Viz Media.

At the moment the japanese publisher Kodansha is the trademark owner for Shaman King. In 2018 Kodansha did a new reprint for Shaman King in eBook format with 35 volumes.