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First, we would like to commend the leadership of our City for doing an excellent and professional job of producing a set of codes and plans for the future development within our City. The geographic ‘Downtown’ area of Woodstock provides an exceptional environment in which to live, work, and play. Primrose School is proud to be included in the designated Downtown area.


Allen Dalton

RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. has applied to rezone land at the intersections of Towne Lake Pkwy, Woodstock Pkwy, Sherwood Drive and Little John Lane.  Please read through the following information for reasons why we feel this rezoning will have a negative impact on our Woodstock community, and why we are opposed to the proposal for such purpose.  After reviewing the information we encourage you to sign the attached petition, and make comments to Katie O’Connor, Senior City Planner.  She will forward this information to City leaders responsible for making the decision to accept or deny RaceTrac’s rezoning application.  We encourage you to forward this petition to those you feel share our views on the negative impact this rezoning will have on our great community.

The RaceTrac rezoning proposal is for a 20 pump 24/7/365 gasoline, diesel=BIG TRUCKS & EQUIPMENT, food, ALCOHOL BEVERAGES, and LOTTO TICKETS store.

The current zoning of the parcels that make up the RaceTrac rezoning application is ‘DT-RO (Downtown – Residential Office)’ and DOES NOT ALLOW for a RaceTrac use.

The City of Woodstock’s ‘Future Land Plan’ DOES NOT ALLOW for a RaceTrac use.

The parcels that make up the RaceTrac proposed site plan are designated as ‘Low-Rise Office (1-2 floors)’ for the half that fronts on Towne Lake Parkway, and ‘Traditional Neighborhood Design’ that fronts on Little John Lane.

The average RaceTrac / RaceWay (same company) pumps 50,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel (=BIG TRUCKS & EQUIPMENT) per week.

The average fill up is 9 gallons (source: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing).

If only fill ups take place, this would total 5,555 vehicles per week, over 288,800 vehicles per year. 

 ALL 288,800 will have direct access onto Little John Lane into the neighborhood where families and children, live, stroller their babies, walk their dogs, ride their bikes, and go to school, on the neighborhood streets.  These neighborhood streets are almost void of sidewalks therefore these family activities take place in the streets.

 In addition to the 5,555 fuel customers, there will be Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Restroom and Lotto customers.

The noise from diesel engines, dumpsters being dumped, air brakes on tractor trailers, loud car stereos, and more 24 hours a day, which is not compatible with the uses surrounding the proposed RaceTrac. 

The roadbeds, shoulders and paving were neither designed for, nor engineered for the amount of heavy, cut through traffic that the proposed RaceTrac will cause as a result of the commercial driveway having direct access into the residential streets.

 Real Estate Professionals report nearby home and real estate values will decrease and may not ever recover.  The residential properties within 300 feet of the underground fuel and gasoline tanks will not be eligible for FHA home insurance, further depressing the home values and lowering comps for other properties Appraisals.

All of the above and much more (see below), is criteria that the City’s Zoning Ordinance 11.205 Zoning Standards mandates the City Offices and Officials examine each case by prior to a Zoning Vote.

Please join us in opposition by signing this petition and attending one of the meetings:

1. Stop RaceTrac presentation and discussion, Thursday, March 23, 2017, 7:00 pm at the Woodstock Community Church, 237 Rope Mill Rd, Woodstock GA 30188.

2. Woodstock Planning Commission, Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:00 pm,  to be held at the City of Woodstock’s ‘City Chambers at City Center’ located at 8535 Main St, Woodstock, GA 30188.

3. Woodstock Mayor and Council, Monday, May 22, 2017, 7:00 pm, to be held at the City of Woodstock’s ‘City Chambers at City Center’ located at 8535 Main St, Woodstock, GA 30188.

If you wish to send a direct email to Katie O’Connor, Senior City Planner please send it to prior to March 31st.  


Evaluation of Section 1 of the Woodstock City Zoning Ordinance 11.205 Zoning Standards:

1.a.The zoning proposal will permit a use NOT SUITABLE in view of the use and development of adjacent and near by properties.   

•        The nearby uses are:

•         Private Residences

•         School

•         School Bus Stop

•        The families, who live, work, go to school and play in the neighborhood that surrounds the proposed property are very familiar with RaceTrac facilities.  These families know that a 20 pump, 24 / 7 / 365 Race Trac is NOT SUITABLE to the use of the nearby property.

•        One of the proposed commercial driveways is located directly to the Sherwood Forest subdivision’s residential streets, Little John Lane.

•        RaceTrac’s products include gasoline, diesel fuel (diesel fuel = BIG TRUCKS, BIG TRAILERS & BIG EQUIPMENT), fast food, convenience store items, and ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. 

•        The SACS / AdvancED accredited Primrose School is located just across the 65’ wide street of Sherwood Forest with an enrollment of over 170 children.  This is the same organization that just complete accrediting the Cherokee County Schools.

1.b. The zoning proposal WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT the existing use of usability of adjacent property. 

•        An average store pumps 50,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel every week*.   *Source:  Raceway is RaceTrac’s (Contract Operator – Operated)

•           A tanker truck can deliver up to 9,000 gallons per load.

•          There would be at least 6 deliveries per week by an 18 wheeler.

•          Take 50,000 gallons each week. 

•          Divide by 9 gallons* average fill up   *Source of average fill up: NACS: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing

•          50,000 / 9 = 5,555 vehicles

•          5,555 access to Little John Lane

•          52 weeks = 288,860 per year

•        Over 5,500 vehicles or more 18 Wheelers & big diesel trucks.  Even more trucks will be delivering beer, bread, and the other 4,000 items RaceTrac inventories.  This will invaded the residential streets of the Sherwood Forest subdivision. Adverse Affect!

•        The safety of the families who live, walk, jog, stroll their babies, walk their dogs, ride their bikes, ride their big wheels, pick up and drop off their children at Primrose School will be in jeopardy! Adverse Affect!

•        The site plan of the proposed RaceTrac shows a commercial dumpster less than 60’ from the next door residence back yard.  Adverse Affect!

•        The commercial driveway is located across the street from another residence with bedrooms less than 30’ from the lights and sounds of automobiles, diesel trucks and 18-wheelers coming and going 24 hours a day. Adverse Affect!

1.c. The property to be affected by the zoning proposal HAS A REASONABLE ECONOMIC USE AS CURRENTLY ZONED.   

•        The current zoning “DT-RO” has dozens of uses from offices to retail to salons to banks to professional services, and many more as outlined in the Code.

 1.d. The zoning proposal WILL RESULT in a use which will or could cause and excess or burdensome use of existing streets, transportation facilities, utilities or schools.

•        Cherokee County Public School Buses pick-up children participating in the before care in the mornings, and drop off approximately 25 students in the afternoons for after school homework support and fun.

•        The traffic congestion created by the Proposed RaceTrac will in turn delay the transportation route of the buses as well as parents dropping off and picking up their students thus creating a burdensome use.

•        The RaceTrac driveway located on Little John Lane would produce additional cut-through traffic from heavy vehicles exiting and entering to the proposed RaceTrac via residential neighborhood streets Sherwood Dr, Little John Lane, Robinhood Dr, Rusk St, to and from Rope Mill and Main Street. 

•        If one commercial driveway was to be approved to be located onto a residential neighborhood street, it would surely open the door for more, not only in this neighborhood, but neighborhoods through out the city with this precedence.

•        None of the roadbeds, road shoulder, or paving was engineered or designed for the heavy commercial traffic load that the proposed RaceTrac will produce.

1.e. The zoning IN NOT in conformity with the policy and intent of the land use plan.

•        The ‘Land Use Plan’ is part of the “Woodstock Town Center Plan”

•        The City leadership should be commended in their foresight to acquire a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to develop a plan for future development.

•        The overall stated goal of the Woodstock Town Center Plan is “to ensure that the Woodstock Town Center retains its desirability for residents and visitors of all ages”.

•        The Land Use Plan highlights and establishes parcels of property though out the Downtown Woodstock area for future use.

•        The parcels that make up the subject site are designated as two separate uses.

•        Approximately half of proposed RaceTrac property parcels are designated:

  Traditional Neighborhood Design and the other half Low-Rise Office (1-2 floors)

•        Neither of the designations of the parcels allow for a RaceTrac use.

1.f. There are both existing and changing conditions affecting the use and development of the property which give supporting grounds for disapproval of the zoning proposal. 

•        Thanks to the vision of our City’s leadership, the Towne Lake Pkwy Gateway to Downtown Woodstock has a well established trend toward conforming to the land use plan.   

•        The development that has occurred since 2013 and is currently underway is exactly in compliance with the LAND USE PLAN. 

•        The continued compliance will result in compatibly with the people who live, work, walk, go to school, go to church and play along these streets in Down Town Woodstock.

The ZONING STANDARDS and the LAND USE PLAN have been evaluated by opponents of the applicant’s proposed rezoning request. 

•        Application for changing the zoning has FAILED each and every criteria listed in SECTION 1 of the City Code 11.205,  .  In conclusion, just based only on section 1 of the 11.205. – Zoning Standards the RaceTrac application should be denied!



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