Kochi Needs Regional Cancer Care Center

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Dear Sir,

As you might be aware, that cancer is one major deadly diease that is slowly making its larger impact in Kerala. According to Health Department of the Kerala State, nearly 35,000 new cancer patients are registering themselves for various hospitals of our state. Regional Cancer Center- Trivandrum reports more than 280% increase for past one decade. The state hasn't made a comprehensive population study on cancer affected patients till now, which would show more alarming records, as the number of affected patients not reporting to hospital would be higher side, as its difficult for early detection.

Today, over 2 lakh people living in Kerala are affected by Cancer. Though the state boasts some of the best health care facilities in the state, when coming to Oncology, the state is seriously ill-equipped. Kerala has only one major RCC under state- RCC Trivandrum, while the other RCC- Malabar Cancer Center in Thalassery is still in its infacy stage and needs more govt support directly.

The sitution is more alarming in Central Kerala, where maximum number of cancer cases are reported. Though Central Kerala has highest number of cancer treatment facilities, all of them falls under private sector and hence costly for common man, particularly people of lower economic strata. They still depend Govt owned RCC-Trivandrum as sole hope. However travelling more than 200-300 Kms for people of Central Kerala, itself is more challenge than the treatment. It is additional burden for people of lower economic strata to move to a far away place and seek treatment. 

As per available data with us,  83% of patients in the state are from the north and central region. Of the 63% from central Kerala, around 53% patients are from Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Thrissur, and 19% from north Kerala. Travelling with a serious medical condition like Cancer, is an inhuman approach.

In this context, we , the public of Kochi seek establishment of a Govt owned Regional Cancer Center of International standards with research facilities for people of Central Kerala. As more than 65 acres of land is available under Government possession for Co-operative Medical College-Kochi, its prefectly possible to establish a RCC there. A cancer center doesn't require more than 30 to 35 acres of space. This is prefectly available there. 

We believe, this matter is of high priority for generations to come and their well being. As a welfare state, the govt has to give higher priority to healthcare of common man and its time for us to fight against this deadly diease. We plea to set up a regional cancer center for the sake of common man and for the society.

Yours Faithfully

Kochi Rising Metro.

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