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It is time for the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider its policy of exclusivity against gay youth and leaders and to end the discrimination in its organization -- an organization that is responsible for shaping the future of young men across the country.

I urge our Council of Boy Scouts of America

• to not simply tout the values of compassion, honesty, and respect -- but act upon them.

• to please make it clear to the National BSA that our Council is in favor of lifting the ban on gay scouts and leaders.

• to adopt wording in our scout materials that make it clear that we are a Council dedicated to the 12 Core Values of Scouting: citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health & fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. That means we are a Council that does not practice discrimination against any group.

Thank you.

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