Save the Knoxville BMX Track

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We would like Mayor Jacobs to continue the BMX project in South Knoxville

  • The BMX track would bring in revenues of up to $2,000,000 annually for Knoxville. 
  • The BMX track enhances the entire cycling ecosystem in South Knoxville. 
  • The BMX track will offer numerous programs for local schools such as Ride to Read, Track Modeling, STEM, and motivational speaking from Olympic Athletes. 
  • The BMX track will offer philanthropic programs for every child to be able to participate, including loaner race bikes and helmets.

Stopping this project not only wastes taxpayer dollars, but it will be a huge economic loss for Knoxville. This program was going to provide a tremendous benefit to our community. Knoxville BMX's mission is to get children on bikes and bring families together through the sport of BMX racing. 

Recent article below details some of the numerous benefits:

Please sign our petition to show Mayor Jacobs that he is making a huge mistake killing the project.