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My friend gaoes to the career center and he dyed his hair blonde but the superintendent Mrs. Pachmayer told him he needed to change it because it went against the dress code the problem is that that clause was taken out of the handbook for the 2012-13 school year and also the cosmetology lab is allowed to have their hair any color they want to. My friend shaved his head and then was sent to a psych ward by Mrs. Pachmayer. This needs to stop

Letter to
Knox county career center superintendent Bernie Pachmayer
please stop discriminating against LGBT youth in your school. My friend is a senior at your school and when he dyed his hair blonde he was told to change it because it was against policy. The problem I find with this is that I went to your school and both years that I went there the cosmetology lab dyes their hair any color they want and nothing gets said to them. I am just asking to treat all students equally.

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