Rezone Knox County Schools District 6 in Support of Neighborhood Schools

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Please accept this petition from the undersigned residents of Knox County, Tennessee regarding the request for rezoning of District 6 in relation to Knox County Schools. While the completion of the new Hardin Valley Middle School is a welcome and appreciated benefit for our children who will be attending the new facility, it has left a number of children and families facing hardships in relation to the existing zoning designations.

 A pertinent example would be families that are living in the Reagan’s Landing Subdivision, who will be zoned for Hardin Valley Elementary, Hardin Valley Middle School and Karns High School. For multi-child families who transport their children, this would necessitate a drop off at HVE, HVMS and then a return in the opposite direction for drop off at Karns High School. The burden being placed on families who have multiple children will be considerable. Additionally, with the continued growth of the Hardin Valley area, wait times due to traffic will continue to grow in relation to the added population of Hardin Valley Middle School; to meet school opening times, students and their parents will be forced to wake up earlier, leave home earlier and spend more time in traffic, which can lead to lowering of academic achievement and test scores related to less time spent at home.

 Additionally, due to the seemingly jerrymandered zoning of District 6, there are children who live further East on Middlebrook Pike that are zoned for Hardin Valley Academy, necessitating further travel times for these children. This seems to be counterproductive to the idea of having a community-based school, because for those families, Karns Middle School and Karns High School are geographically closer.

Our request with this petition has not been engaged lightly, nor is it to take advantage of one school over the other; it is simply to help our children be offered less travel times, to help working families to be able to spend less time transporting children to schools that are further away from their homes and to help foster the spirit of a true community school based upon geographic location in their individual neighborhoods.