Please help save our family home

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I am writing this petition with a very heavy heart,my father Allan Ruddock has passed away, My dad lived next door to me at 56 Fairclough Road and he’d lived there for nigh on 50 years. He lived there through out that time with my late mum Rita ruddock who passed away suddenly in 2016. In February last year, my dad Allan was assaulted in Barmouth by a man who, in effect ended my dad’s life, My dad received life changing injuries to his brain and we nursed him at home for the past 18 months. His assailant was jailed and irrespective of the time he served for GBH we had a guilty verdict but our dad was damaged beyond recovery. Although he travelled to Barmouth on his own steam on that weekend he never ventured out the house ever again without assistance and accompaniment. My parents had eight children and over 30 grandchildren and as I’m sure you can imagine, the family is devastated.
As I lived next door to dad I was the closest to him and looked after him on a daily basis until I virtually moved in with him. All of the family did their bit helping out both with dad and looking after my children whilst I tended to dad.
As I mentioned earlier, this house contains 50 years of memory for a massive number of people. This is not to mention the accumulation of ‘stuff’ by our parents that will now have to be sorted out by all of my brothers and sisters.
So the reason for this petition is, as the youngest member of our family I am going to miss my dad immensely and I am absolutely begging and praying for knowsley housing trust to please allow me to do a ‘swap’ from my address at number 54 to my dad’s old house at number 56. All of my brothers and sisters are so hopeful this can be done as a long-lasting memory of my mum and dad. I know I don’t have any ‘right’ to ask for this and I hope knowsley housing trust have the right level of authority to consider this as a genuine compassionate request.
It will take us a considerable less time to clear out the contents of 54 Fairclough than it will to sort out number 56 and if they agree to this swap then I can be out in a matter of hours at there request.
If there is any administration fee or deposits required then us as a family are willing to pay,
If you need to consult with anyone for a reference contact Father Earley at St Aloysius church.

Yours pleadingly
Mauryce Ruddock