Retire the Butterfield Stage Coach at Knotts Berry Farm, Calif.

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I love visiting Knotts Berry Farm with my family on a regular basis.  However, when I visit the park, there is always one site that upsets me and my kids.  It's the horses pulling the Butterfield Stage Coach, loaded up with so many people and too much weight.  This attraction came about in the 1950's when the average American weighed around 150 pounds.  The average American now weighs an average of 182 pounds.  And I think that estimate is a bit low to be honest.  These poor horses are made to pull around all of this weight no matter how hot it is outside or how many people there are in line.  Yes, they do give them breaks and trade out the horses for fresh ones every so often, but come on, this doesn't really need to exist. Most people go here for the roller coasters, food and ambiance.  I have video of these beautiful creatures staggering to the side of the road and hanging their heads down low and convulsing as if they are going to vomit from exhaustion.  I've also seen them flat out stop and refuse to go any further when being steered up the big hill at the front of the park along Beach Blvd. with a bunch of overweight tourists laughing and enjoying the ride at the animal's expense.  It's cruel and no animal deserves to be abused like this.  Please sign this petition and contact Jon Storbeck (the manager at Knotts) via social media (LinkedIn) and request the closure of this "ride."  They could even just have the horses there on site to be admired and to add to the Western theme, but not as work horses.  Thanks!