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#StopCorporateRacism - Kmart Australia, I am human. So treat me like one.

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No one deserves to be compared to a dog, regardless of your race.

In many cultures, alluding that someone is a 'dog' is offensive and dehumanising - it conveys the message that they are subhuman. To transform a young Asian male to a domesticated dog who is then 'petted' by a Caucasian female, who in contrast remains human, is insulting and humiliating.*

(*To compare any human as a dog is humiliating, with deep cultural roots from the Ancient Greeks through to modern Asia.)

For those who have yet to see the ad, it may be found here:

Don't get me wrong - I think it's great that Asians are (finally!) represented in Australian advertising. However, when any race is being represented, it needs to be done respectfully.

What has happened in this advertisement speak volumes about what is perceived as 'normal' and 'acceptable' within Kmart Australia and any ad agency involved. In a company as large (and global) as Kmart, many people would have worked on all aspects of the video - from its vision down to the angle and placement of a single item on camera. More than likely, approvals would have been required before it was aired publicly - yet not one person stopped to think whether it is wrong to portray one human of one race as a domesticated dog, belittled by the act of 'petting' by a human of another race.

The ignorance and carelessness of the company and its advertising agency raises a huge red flag in the corporate culture of both entities.  And this needs to stop now.

By signing this petition, you are joining a movement to stop corporate racism and to change how ethnic minorities are treated in the media and corporate space.

We ask:

1) Kmart Australia to immediately remove the advertisement from all media channels;
2) For a public apology from Ian Bailey (Managing Director/CEO, Kmart Australia) and a representative of the ad agency involved, if any;
3) A commitment from Kmart Australia to take positive steps in shifting their corporate culture, such as sufficient training for their staff to better recognise culturally insensitive and racial insults.


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