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Kmart: Give your employees their holiday!

This will be the third Thanksgiving/Christmas season that I have worked at Kmart. My family lives out of town and state and that means no Thanksgiving. Now this year my husband also is in retail and because of our hours we will barely see each other on Thanksgiving day let alone the rest of our families. How can this be ok? Other workers at Kmart have told me that they will miss out on their family get-together because they will be at work.  It is a really terrible feeling to be stuck at work knowing all your relatives you don't see often, are feasting on all the delicious food. Everyone needs a break and time to spend with family.  With the ridiculous hours stores are open during the holiday season, employees do not get a chance to spend the time with family. I would like Kmart to show some respect to all of their employees and give us Thanksgiving day off and close early on Christmas Eve.

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