Life become hell in KLJ Heights Sector 15 Bahadurgarh

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1.             WATER SUPPLY ; Water supplied by the builder for daily purposes is ground water which has very high TDS 2884 as per report dated 08.05.2017 and TDS 3215 as per latest report dated 7.06.2018 as well as water contains high pH Value, Chloride MG, Fluoride, which is detrimental to the health and life of consumers.  In Occupation Certificate issued by DGTCP under point no 3 it is clearly directed to the developer that Quote…“That you shall be fully responsible of water as per norms till such time the colony is handed over final completion. Till a regular piped supply is made available to the colony by HUDA, as agreed by you shall bring the portable water through tankers.” ….Unquote     

The developer has clearly violated the BIS specifications on drinking water (potable water) notified in 2012 and currently in use in the Country which constitute the following specifications :-

a.      The permissible limit of TDS is 500mg/l where as the water being supplied in the KLJ Heights is 2884 which is way above the permissible limits and is bound to affect the health of not only the adults living in the complex but is likely to seriously affect the health of children, pregnant women and senior citizens living in the Complex.

b.      Even the pH value at 8.86 is much above the permissible limits of 6.5 and the BIS does not allow any relaxation in the same. Body pH can effect one’s   energy, digestion, & health. 

c.       The Chloride level at 615.4mg/l is way higher than the permissible limits of 250mg/l . Research has shown, however, that long‐term exposure to chlorine leads to the production of free radicals within the body. Free radicals are carcinogenic, and cause tremendous damage to our cells. ( as per WHO report on effects of polluted potable water with high chlorine levels)

For withdrawal of ground water as per RTI reply dated 06.06.2018 by CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority Delhi Jamnagar) & reply dated 20.04.2018 (Central Ground Water Board Chandigarh) it is observed that no NOC of withdrawal of ground water  

was issued till 06.06.2018, while the Developer has a employed a number of illegal ground water bores, that need to be checked by the Government and cognizance taken off. The ground water supplied by developer is absolutely unhygienic and not fit for human consumption.