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Full 30 minutes lunch time

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So I found out today that LEGALLY, our lunch period has to be 30 minutes. Klein Collins High School counts the passing time (5-6 minutes) with the time we get at lunch (25 minutes) so they get away with it. I'm sure all the students here know how long it takes just to get through the lunch line to get food. I've had friends tell me multiple times that as soon as they got out of the lunch line with their food the bell rang to go back to class. Some students choose to stay in the commons and finish their lunch, even after the bell rings, and their consequence is a tardy to class, just so they can eat. I don't think this is fair at all. The days are already longer than they are supposed to be so what I think we should do is make our classes shorter and add that time to the lunch period. If you agree with me, help me get this out, tell people about it and get people to sign. Thank you :)

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