#US-President: What President?

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Dear Americans,

How long do you allow this president of yours to harm your country and the rest of the world?

The decisions and demeanour of your president have utterly negative effects on your country and its standing as well as on international relations and the rest of the planet. The undersigned of this petition from all over the world therefore seek to make you aware that change is absolutely essential for the benefit of all of us..

If you agree that US-citizens should be warned and informed about the severe problem and its far-reaching consequences - then, please, sign this petition and ask your friends and aquaintances to do the same.

 In order to achieve a badly needed impact a huge number of signatures is required.

 As a politically interested German citizen and author, who has been living in different continents and countries and has quite a few American friends, I see the devastating effects of the actual US-president`s politics. I am worried and convinced that one should take action.