Enable entry to Romania to unmarried binational couples. Help!

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Dear leaders of Romania

This is not a call to lift the border restrictions, but a call for common sense and the protection of human rights, which have been violated due to these border restrictions. We ask to be part of the exceptions cataloged as an essential trip to be able to see our loved ones again.
What do we ask for? We do not want the borders to be opened. We only want boyfriends, fiancees, long-term partners, siblings, non-dependent children to be included in their definition of FAMILY. That they exempt said persons from border and travel restrictions. It is considered essential travel, since love IS NOT TOURISM.

Therefore, as Ylva Johansson, EU Home Affairs Commissioner, said, love must be an essential reason to travel and allow non-EU citizens, that is, from third countries, to enter the European Union. (+ associated states) together with all other essential travelers allowed (cross-border workers, passengers traveling by imperative) family reasons, health personnel, etc.)

We refer to all (unmarried) couples and families that are separated in times as hard as this, since they are people from different nations and origins and due to harsh border restrictions they have been separated for months.

1. There are more and more precedents: Denmark was the pioneer in allowing people with long-term girlfriends / boyfriends to enter Denmark, regardless of the country of origin, provided they are tested for negative coronavirus days before arrival .


This should be a policy at the EU level, especially given the apparent desire of the European Commission to standardize procedures and achieve better coordination at European level, with the motto of #StrongerTogether.

Which countries already allow the reunion of unmarried binational couples and families?

- Denmark
- Norway
- Holland
- Austria
- Czech Republic
- Belgium
- Spain
- France

You can find the information here:


2. There are reasonable, safe and easy-to-implement solutions:

quarantine (14 days or more),
self-paid COVID-19 tests,

We would do whatever it takes to get back to our loved ones!

There is demand: we are left alone if they do not listen to us. The European Commission knows that there is this community of couples and separated families on their radar, but we want you to know that it is a VERY large community.

There is a great petition addressed to Horst Seehofer (German Interior Minister) called Einreisebeschränkungen für binationale Paare und Familien unbürokratisch aufheben! with more than 7,500 followers.


And another #LiftTheTravelBan petition on EU / UK traveling to the US addressed to US leaders (Donald Trump et al) also includes couples with an EU resident and is growing significantly.


There are several Facebook groups specifically dedicated to understanding and keeping up with the news about this ban that have thousands of members with a posting frequency of once every 10 minutes.

Couples separated by EU / US travel ban


Familien und Paare in einem Europe ohne Grenzen


and many more...

Check Twitter for widely used hashtags (#) like


It's full of messages from couples fighting for the same cause!

3. It is necessary to clarify: We understand that it is a difficult feat, to find a balance in the restrictions in times of Covid 19, but individuals should not be forced to depend on each other to analyze and understand at the most basic level the regulations that the government provides us. There is currently no clarity or unity among the EU states regarding several issues:

- Whether or not the border restrictions refer to the country of origin (that is, where your flight came from) or the country of citizenship.

- How to prove to airlines that you have permission to fly: There have been countless reports and anecdotes of people who were told that they could enter a country with the specified documentation but were rejected by the airline. This should not happen.

- Why no country other than Denmark has clarified the term 'long-term relationship', as mentioned in Article 3.2b of the restrictions released by the commission itself: there is no clarity in many states other than Denmark of what is defined 'long-term relationship '. For example, in Sweden, the border controls website states that one can prove a cohabitation association with a marriage certificate, a previous rental agreement, etc., but that this is not a guarantee. It is the responsibility of the EU Commission to clarify and ensure that each member state really understands its restrictions.

4. Love is not tourism. It is a fundamental right. Many citizens are suffering worldwide.

In difficult times, humans must surround themselves with their loved ones. And now more than ever, in these difficult times, all we want is to be with our loved ones.

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