Stop Gun Violence

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Gun violence is getting out of hand in our world, especially in the USA. Imagine if someone under the age of 21 was convicted of murder, Well that happened except on February 4th, 2018 Nikolas Cruz was convicted of the murder of 17 people. Imagine this happening at your school, It’s not something we should need to think about. This shows just how much gun violence in the USA has gotten out of hand. In 2012 over 33,000 people in the USA died from guns that means that in 2012 60% of all the deaths in America were gun related. I live in a place where guns are legal but a lot of my family lives in the US and imagine having to worry about guns every time you go to school. This is why guns should be banned in not only the USA but from everywhere. Also if people ban guns people will need guns less due to the fact that many people who protect themselves with guns protect themselves from other people with guns.

I love watching cool action movies in the theater with my parents but the problem with that in places where guns are legal is that young children start to think guns are cool and that can lead to problems later on. The problem with this is that when children acquire firearms and have a mental disorder one of the common places to go is a school where shootings often happen. It is hard to prevent young people from getting guns if they really want them because gun prices are not very high, Also they can buy it from anyone who has a gun and is willing to illegally sell it to them. In the New York City, it was reported that over 22% of males who own firearms have carried illegal guns at some point. That means that over 1,878,360 males have carried illegal firearms at some point in New York City. The simple solution to this is really not as simple as it seems but you can start but signing this petition, going to public marches against guns and maybe even start your own petition.

Finally, guns aren't as bad as some people may see them as due to the fact that they protect millions every year, however, it's the people that use them that make the difference between guns being protection and guns being weapons of war. Nowadays there is a lot more toxicity and danger in the social world like the internet which can pressure people around the world to do bad things with guns. In some instances kids are bullied so much on the internet they go out and kill the people who bully them along with others. Sometimes the people who bully these kids are even people from school causing school shootings which can have high death counts.

In conclusion, guns are affecting our everyday society and there are many ways to solve our problem. One small way would be to sign my petition to make a small change that could make a big difference. The more people who make petitions and sign mine will help pressure the government to make a change. If I reach my goal of 5,000 people signed I will take a stand in my way sending my School principal an email about having a school gun violence march so we can stop the gun violence now!