Kitty Litter for Congress

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Tell your congressperson to go shit in a bucket. Seriously.

It’s come to our attention that Jefferson County schools here in Colorado have started issuing “Emergency Go Buckets” for classrooms, in case of extended lock downs due to school shootings. These “Go Buckets” are literally just plastic buckets filled with kitty litter, to be used as makeshift toilets by students and teachers... wtf?!

This should not be accepted as normal, or par for the course in our society.  We need our government officials to pass meaningful legislation to stop these shootings, so that students and teachers don’t have to be in situations like these. Unfortunately, many of our elected officials are probably finding it hard to raise their hand to "Vote Yes" on gun control laws when they’re too busy using that hand to collect massive checks from the National Rifle Association.

So, sign our petition for Kitty Litter for Congress. We believe that lawmakers who receive money from the National Rifle Association should be forced to use a bucket filled with kitty litter to use as their permanent bathroom. Congresspeople will only be able to receive their bathroom privileges back once they pass a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, and work to do more than send their useless “thoughts and prayers” after each mass shooting. 

We’re tired of this. The Senate is back in session September 9th. Tell your congressperson to go shit in a bucket if they're not ready to act. And tell your friends to tell them too.


After signing the petition, how else can you get involved? 

  1. Share this with your friends!
  2. Follow the money: find out how much money your House Rep or Senators have received from the NRA for the 2018 election cycle.
    Over many terms, this money adds up, in the form of direct donations and independently fighting opposing candidates. Click here for a full spreadsheet- check out Column J for the full story. For example- Cory Gardner of Colorado has received over $3.88 MILLION in support from the NRA.
  3. Check their track record: See your congresspeople’s track record on voting for gun control legislation. (Like… woah! it’s SO strange how correlated those who are voting to loosen gun restrictions are also having their pockets lined and reelections secured by the NRA!)
  4. Email your congressperson: Upon understanding just how bought by the NRA your congressperson is, send them an email to let them know you’re in favor of passing the ban on assault weapons, and tell them to go shit in a bucket! Use our handy form email below! 
  5. Send a bucket and kitty litter to your congressperson: Seriously! Send them to your congresspeople along with a message about why they have received their new bathroom in a box, why they’ve received it, and how to use it. 
    Click here for Senate Address
    Click here for House of Reps Address
  6. Send a bucket and kitty litter to the National Rifle Association: After all, they did spend over 54 MILLION dollars in 2016 trying to get Donald Trump and many other pro-gun candidates elected.
    Click here for the NRA HQ Address 
  7. Too lazy to send buckets or kitty litter yourself? We are coordinating a delivery of buckets and litter if you want to pitch in a couple of dollars. We’re on Patreon and on Venmo here and here.


Use our handy Form Email!
Click here to find your Representative or Senator’s emails.

Subject Line: Pass a Ban on Assault Weapons or Please Shit in a Bucket 

Dear (Insert your congressperson’s name here), 

Buddy. Pal. Friend. Can I call you that? I’m writing because I would like you to go shit in a bucket. Yes. I said it! And for good reason! 

Did you know that some school classrooms in Colorado are now being equipped with “Emergency Go Buckets”- literal buckets filled with kitty litter- just in case they’re stuck in their classrooms for a long time due to a school shooting? This is bonkers. It’s not OK that this is the state of our society today. And guess what- YOU have the power to do something when you're back in session this September.

That’s why I’ve signed a petition called Kitty Litter for Congress. I see that you’ve taken quite a bit of cold hard cash from the National Rifle Association, and this petition is calling for YOU to use a bucket with kitty litter in it for your permanent bathroom. You’ll get your bathroom privileges back once you work together with other members of Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, and start doing some actual work to spur change around mass shootings, instead of continually sending your useless thoughts and prayers. 

Disrespectfully yours,
Not Your Friend Until You Do Something