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Kitson: Please Stop Selling Fur


‎Celebrity hot spot Kitson is a graveyard to thousands of foxes, minks, and rabbits that lost their lives for "fashion." Please let KITSON know you won't be shopping with then until they go fur free.


Fur Free LA busted Kitson for selling real fur back in January. We reported our findings to the Humane Society because it was discovered that Kitson was selling several items mislabeled as "faux fur" when they were actually made of real fur. Thanks to the Truth In Fur Labeling Act, that's against the law. Since the scandal broke, Kitson has pulled all of their fur items off of their website. If you do a search for "fur" "fox" "coyote" or "rabbit" on their website, your search will turn up with no results. Despite Kitson's weak apology for their murderous mislabeling spree they are still selling fur. 


Not only are they still selling, coyote, fox, and rabbit fur, but they were still selling the SAME Street Level purse they were busted for selling as faux. I checked the tag in the bag. It said "100% Polyurethane," which is what the faux leather material is made of, but there is no mention that this bag is indeed real fur. Canine fur to be exact...


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    Fraser Ross
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    Jay Andrews
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    Mimi Kang
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    Aimee Greenburg
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    Chad J. Wilson

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