24/7 Bus access

24/7 Bus access

October 5, 2019
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Kitimat City Council
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Started by Stacey Lee-Ann

Have you ever had to walk home late at night due to no busses running in Kitimat or have no money for a taxi? No one to call for a ride?

I've personally had to walk to work for a 3am shift start because there were no taxis, no busses and no one available to drive me at a horrible hour! I've also had to walk home due to the same issue and/or no money for a taxi! 

As a First Nations, Haisla woman, knowing we are connected to the Highway of Tears, I feel that Kitimat/Kitamaat needs to come together to ensure our women get home safely! That everyone can get home safely! Whether it be from work or a night of entertainment, we need a safe option available 24/7!

Down south in Vancouver, I had a safe ride home, at no cost on Transit! All I needed to say was "I need a safe ride home". 

Kitamaat/Kitimat is a shift working town. Not a 9-5 town!

Not everyone can afford a vehicle, insurance and costs included. Especially with these ridiculous hikes to rent somewhere to call home, I've had to discontinue my insurance on my car. 

I also feel there needs to be more runs added from town to our Haisla Village. If my daughter misses the bus to school, she stays home. 

We have busses for our camps pretty much 24/7. They can go to work and get home (camps) at no cost. They don't pay to go to work on the LNGC Project. 

We need busses (at least) to run 24/7 in Kitimat/Kitamaat. You are creating more jobs adding an extra 9 (?) hours to the existing schedule. 

I want to get home safely. I am sure you do too! I have a daughter at home waiting for me. We all have someone at home. I do not want to become a statistic,  nor do I want my daughter to be one! 

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Signatures: 137Next Goal: 200
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