To give the housing ombudsman more powers over housing associations

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it has become clear to me from personal experience and from friends, colleagues and on social media, that many, many people living in housing association properties struggle to get repairs completed in reasonable timescales, with some people waiting months or even years.

many properties are not maintained by the associations and suffer with damp, mould and disrepair. Resulting in health problems.

There seems to be a general issue with housing associations not dealing with repairs, not responding to complaints and many people having to take further action such as contacting environmental health or their mps to get things done.

The housing ombudsman cannot enforce housing associations to do things, just make recommendations, housing associations know this.

housing associations have grown and are longer run like charities but corporate businesses making millions and not caring about their tenants. Tenants being vulnerable people and people on low income, who are living In poorly maintained, sometimes inhabitable housing.

i believe the current ombudsman system is out dates and needs to be brought up to date. There should be clear guidelines and timescales for repairs, maintenance and complaints with penalties or consequences if they do not abide by them.

This seems to be a major issue and the aim of this petition is to show the amount of people who support this.

Many vulnerable people are stuck in poor housing as they cannot afford to move, housing associations don't act and the ombudsman cannot force them too. As housing associations grow with the need to provide more affordable housing, this is likely to get worse as they seem to be more interested in boosting their portfolios than Maintaining existing properties. This needs to change.