Save homeowners from financial ruin. Ensure the right parties pay in the Cladding Scandal.

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100k signatures & counting! An update from a homeowner still caught up in the Cladding Scandal

Yesterday, we reached a huge milestone in our campaign, passing 100,000 signatures. We are hugely grateful to each and every one of you for helping us, and we feel so comforted and reassured by your messages. Reaching yesterday’s milestone provided an overdue victory during a wider fight in which the odds remain heavily stacked against us. On top of the growing threat of a five figure bill, every month we are paying around £400 for 24/7 fire wardens to protect us in case a fire breaks out. This is a huge expense on top of servicing mortgages, utility bills and other living costs. Meanwhile, developers are working hard with their legal teams, adding to our anxiety that they are likely trying to avoid accepting liability themselves. Many homeowners don’t have the luxury of in-house legal. In this scandal, we are the least able party to bear, or defend against, these extortionate costs. We ask you to please share this petition as widely as you can, and especially with your MP. This will have a massive impact, and help us and the many others caught in the crossfire of this national scandal. MPs will soon be back from their recess, so this is the perfect time to bring it to their attention as they plan for the year. With your help, we can ensure the government takes notice, and that the appropriate parties finally step up to their moral responsibility. Making our home safe should not have to come at the cost of our future. Thank you.

Ellie Brown
3 years ago