Call on Government to Save Lives Ban Police use of repeated tasering of vulnerable people.

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In light of the recent death of George Floyd in the USA following Police restraint and the UK chief of Police and the Government both stating public solidarity with the family, The Justice For Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald campaign are now asking, How many more UK victims have to die as a result of Police restraint before our Government take it seriously? 

Marc Cole 30 and Adrian McDonald 34 both tragically died following Police restraint during mental health crisis, more specifically following Taser electrocution by Devon and Cornwall police and Staffordshire police respectively. This lethal weapon has also been implicated in the deaths of Jordon Begley 23 and Andrew Pimlott 32. 

Following the Inquest into Marc's death a Coroner wrote a Regulation 28 Prevention of Future deaths report to the Home Office and the College of Policing calling on a wholesale review of the training around the effects of Multiple Taser Electrocution activations and prolonged Taser electrocution on vulnerable people in order to prevent future deaths.

Both the Government and The College of Policing have refused to implement this training in order to save lives. 

The families of Marc Cole and Adrian McDonald traumatised and very concerned with the apparent disproportionate use of force against people in mental health crisis and black people (resulting in death, paralysis, serious injury and trauma) make the following demands in the interest of public safety and transparent and reasonable policing: 

1) A complete BAN on the roll out of the new TASER 7 model to UK police officers following serious concerns raised by UK SACMILL Government Scientists, including: The potential for new injury risks to PASSERS BY caused by free flying probes coupled with a higher 'miss' rate'. More painful shocks for the subject. More risk of darts penetrating to their full depth causing injury to deeper Organs and tissues. A higher risk of Skull injuries and vulnerable areas of the neck due to barbs straying further from the point of aim.

2) An immediate ban on the use of prolonged and multiple Taser Electrocutions on any vulnerable person, to include those suffering with mental ill health and emotional distress, Intoxication, pregnant women and any child under 18 years of age. 

3) A full and complete revision of the current inadequate training around the use of prolonged Taser electrocution and multiple Taser electrocution activations and it's health implications on Vulnerable people, to include any person with mental ill health or emotional distress, any person who is severely intoxicated, pregnant women and any child who is under 18 years of age. 

4) All forces to be subjected to rigorous scrutiny regarding their use of Taser electrocution whether fired or drawn on an annual basis. 

5) All forces to disclose FULL AND COMPLETE data annually regarding the ethnicity and health status of members of the public who have been tasered. To disclose all data pertaining to mental ill health when that is a factor in use of force.

6) All forces to adhere to the requirement to fill in a use of force form and a Taser use of force form IMMEDIATELY following a situation where Taser electrocution is followed by a FATALITY. 

7) That the Government issue an URGENT AND INDEPENDENT REVIEW into the current disproportionate use of Taser Electrocution against those in mental health crisis and black people to include thorough dissemination of Racial Profiling and discriminatory policing practices. 

Links to Taser information can be found below. Please sign and distribute this petition widely. Many Thanks, Lisa Cole and Germaine Philips.