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Landlords properties should have to pass a fit for use "MOT" at least every two years

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My daughter and her young family have rented property from a number of landlords over the years because she has been unable to get a council house. Without fail every one of them has taken high rent payments and given nothing back. At times this has resulted in her families safety and security being compromised by greedy landlords and landladies. Problems range from filthy conditions, broken boilers, unsafe doors without safety glass, flea infestations discovered the first day she moved into her new home, garden covered in dog faeces, damp and mouldy rooms, broken toilets, doors that can't be used for fear they will fall out of the door frame - the list is endless. Reasonable requests for repairs have often been met with intimidation and ultimately very little action. Complaints to local authorities are usually dealt with by advising tenants to contact Citizens Advice and of course very little gets done. So I propose that Landlords should have the homes they rent, checked at least every two years to ensure they are fit and safe for people to live in. This property "MOT" should force landlords to carry out repairs in a timely manner, which would save tenants the stress and worry of trying to get landlords to carry out essential work. 

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