Change the venue for graduation to a larger venue

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Fontella Mccary
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For the 2018 graduation, we were told it would be held at the Belton Expo Center, which holds 6,559. We were also told we would be receiving 9 tickets to invite our family. However many of us have extended family that have waited a long time to see us graduate, and 9 tickets is simply not enough for most of us.

We offer, in place of the Expo Center Leo Buckley, which has slightly more capacity. We realize it's outside and we realize it'd be hot and the weather would be unpredictable, but we don't care; we want our family to see us graduate. If Leo Buckley isn't a valid location, we are open to talking about another venue.

All we want is to invite our full family to graduation. Other schools (which may have a smaller capacity) aren't required to use tickets, which simply isn't fair. It isn't our fault we have a large graduating class and it isn't our fault that many of our full families want to come see us graduate.

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