Protect The Integrity Of The November 2018 Election From Russia, Pass SR452016

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The people demand a fair election in November of 2018. The rescinding of Net Neutrality is an attempt to facilitate Russia’s Active Measures by the Trump Administration. The day Net Neutrality ended, I googled do 90 people die per day due to gun violence. The fifth link was to Russian news outlet RT. We ask that Russia be declared military combatants and enemies of the United States for their continued undermining of our system of government. We want a bipartisan bill to be passed to ratify said legislation to preserve the integrity of our Republic.

The "most deadly adversaries of republican government" ... are "chiefly from the desire in foreign powers" (Russia) "to gain an improper ascendant in our councils," Federalist No 68. It's unfortunate that the American people were willing to believe rumors and propaganda about the Clintons' while ignoring dangerous facts about Trump, 1. Every country gets the government they deserve American ignorance, religious and ideological insanity, cynicism and lack of political participation has led us to this moment. Hillary, you apologized to America for losing in 2016, rather, America failed you, and I am sorry Madam President. By committing the ultimate affront, spitting on the founding fathers’ of our nation, not being deterred by U.S. sanctions, Russia conspired against our Union. Our entire intelligence community has confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, specifically, to install Donald J. Trump. Russia's actions are so egregious they should be considered an act of war.  

Indictments are not fake, guilty pleas are not fake and various former Trump campaign associates cooperating with the Russian Investigation Team are all preludes to Trump’s High Crime of collusion with a foreign adversary being, more likely than not, confirmed.  Trump has conspired against America’s Electoral System and against its citizens’, particularly Brown people in line with the tenets of the Alt-Right. Richard Spence declared, post Charlottesville, that Trump would never condemn the Alt-Right and to date, he has not. This nefarious web based hate group is divided into two major factions. One that is determined to establish their agenda through legislative processes and the second via violent overthrow of the government; Trump has proven himself to be a proponent of the former. They believe in ethnic cleansing; Trump has allowed DACA to expire and rescinded TPS putting 1.2 million immigrants’ at risk of being removed from this country.  Trump’s handling of the natural disaster in Puerto Rico, throwing paper towels at people who are starving, in need of shelter, clean water and electricity as if he were practicing free throws. His repulsive and egregiously inadequate response has cost 4,654 American lives’. More than double the Katrina toll according to a Harvard University study. He attempts to repeal and is actively sabotaging Obama Care, of which the African American Community benefited more than any other segment of the U.S. population, banning Muslims and his immigration policies make his evil agenda apparent.

As I write this, Russia is continuing their Cyber Cold War, this particular campaign is to plant the seed that Democrats’ and Republicans’ are equally repugnant, 2, a blatant attempt at hindering voter turnout. The Alt-Right do not believe in Democracy. They believe in Authoritarian government; their ideology is treasonous.

Has any administration demonstrated a greater leaning towards fascism? The Alt-Right do not believe in the Women's Rights Movement; Trump wants to appoint a Supreme Court Justice based on the candidate’s propensity to overturn Roe V Wade. They abhor political correctness vis-à-vis Donald J. Trump. We have had enough. Trump calls out the mass media as "Fake News" effectively labeling them as enemies of the Union (what is fake is Trump's legitimacy as a president), reporters' may not always get the story straight, nevertheless, they generally try to, and do,  and even risk their lives’ in that effort. If you study the Alt-Right, you will gain a better insight into Trump’s mentality. We request that Russia be declared military combatants', that Net Neutrality be reinstated and the full protections of the Voting Rights' Act restored; 2016 was the first presidential election without the comprehensive enforcement of this legislation in 50 years. Paper ballots must be utilized, it is the most effective way to protect the electorate' votes. Any member of congress, the Oval Office, NGO or individual found to be colluding with Russia to perpetuate their meddling and manipulation of our Electoral system shall face Capital Punishment. We demand that both major parties work in a bipartisan fashion to maintain the integrity of our ballots. Pass the peoples' bill to increase the insulation of America’s electorate' and Electoral System from additional Russian' compromise, SR452016 .

P.S., please confirm that you are registered to vote, November 6th will be one of, if not, the most important elections of your life. Use the following URL to check your status:, regards. 

1.      Ruldolph Pongnon, "Great Betrayal, Black Millenials’, American Patriots', Make Ms. Clinton President In 2020" November 2016:

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