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Ask US Customs and Border Protection to reconsider my case and let me come home to the U.S.

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In September 1990, I came to the United States at 15 years of age in order to search for a better life and a better way to support my parents. I immigrated to New York, being homeless much of the time along the way. I had to go into the trash to find food in order to survive another day. I was forced to work in harsh conditions, sometimes locked in the basement of a supermarket without food or water. One day after working nearly five years like this, I was able to escape my abusive job and finally really go in search of the American Dream.  

Fortunately, life got better. Good people helped me get a great education (from GED to Master’s degree), and with it, I have been able to have a major impact on minority communities and young people in NYC. Recently, I was offered a full time job and a 3-year work visa, but I needed to return to Mexico in order to reapply for legal immigration status in the U.S. My lawyers believed that with my educational success, my contributions to the community and letters of support from local elected officials, my application was sure to be granted. After waiting nearly six months back in Mexico, my petition to return to New York - my home of 24 years - was denied.

I have been fortunate to do a lot of great things here in America -- not only for myself, but more importantly for others who were less fortunate than myself. Today, I am requesting that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ask immigration to reconsider my case and allow me to return to the place that I called home - New York City - so that I can continue my community work there.

While working upwards of 12 hours a day in the U.S., I still made time to coordinate various projects to support the recent immigrant community and other minority groups in New York City. Through my volunteer work, I became an expert in creating educational programs for recent immigrants - work which led to numerous awards and recognition from both local NYC and International government officials. I want to be able to go on educating our children and their parents through my volunteer work, to continue to be involved in the creation of programs for the minority community, and to help build a community of future leaders of tomorrow.

New York City is my home and my community, and I hope that I have the chance to come back to give again to the place and the people that have given so much to me. Please sign my petition asking Senator Gillibrand to request a reconsideration of my case.

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