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Make KMC a Paperless Campaign Zone

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In the election season, most students studying in the Delhi University witness how the major student political parties and candidates end up littering the campus, both in the University as well as in the College level. This creates a havoc not only for the administration but also the students because this defaces college property, wall paint, passage-ways, roads and as well as the Viswavidyalaya Metro Station. It is ironical how people promising for a 'cleaner' campus to students do that by littering the campus further by the waste generated by their campaign.

People on the other side of the fence find loopholes such as by changing the spelling of their names in the flyers they throw around or by not mentioning the name of the organization they are representing, making the administration unable to trace them and take necessary action. However, I strongly believe that the moment we resolve our pledge toward a paperless campaign and decide to not vote for whosoever litters our campus we can send out a strong signal as to what we stand for and what the corruptors of student activism need to curb in the first place to win our votes. No change happens overnight and we need to shift public opinion from meaningless propaganda to real agendas. Charity begins at home, so I urge all Kirorians and all sympathizers of this movement to sign up for KMC being declared paperless zone and set an example for other Colleges/ Universities to follow.


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