To overturn Kirklees' Cooper Bridge traffic plan.

To overturn Kirklees' Cooper Bridge traffic plan.

9 July 2021
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Kirklees Highways Dept.
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela Howard

Kirklees Local Authority has proposed a traffic scheme which makes no sense.

Their main objective appears to be to alleviate traffic build up from the M62 to Cooper Bridge. To achieve this they want to funnel traffic along Oak Road, a narrow residential street, which means a 200° turn from Leeds Road which will be extremely difficult for heavy goods vehicles and cause a build up of traffic behind vehicles waiting to turn right. I fail to see how it affects the motorway problem.

Mr. Keith Bloomfield, the designer of this plan, maintains it will save drivers 3 minutes driving time which is debatable. As traffic lights will be positioned at the junction of Leeds Rd and Oak Rd, a red light will take up those minutes, thus negating the whole advantage.

As a resident of Oak Road, I strongly object for these reasons.

 Traffic will be increased tremendously.

The road is narrow and unsuitable for heavy goods and buses.

More traffic means danger for children crossing to get to the park.

Air pollution and noise pollution will go through the roof.

House values will plummet.

The proposed one way system will be problematic meaning taking a detour to return home, particularly for Leeds Rd residents who will have to go as far as Brooklands to turn round after passing on the opposite side to their home.




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Signatures: 74Next Goal: 100
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