Stop, Kirklees Council, taking our bins away!

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We the undersigned do not agree with Kirklees Council policy to remove someone's green bin for at least 6 months.

Kirklees Council who have put up council tax yet again are failing to provide the basic service of emptying our bins.

A local resident has called it a "fiasco".

When the green bin is removed, everything will then go into the grey bin. This could lead to more fly-tipping etc.

1,300 households have already had their recycling bins confiscated.

The cost of paying "advisors" to snoop on you is at least £80,000.

Last year local residents were effected by the strikes for bin collections. Is it just a case Kirklees Council don't want to empty our bins that we pay them to collect?

Almondbury Ward Councillor, Bernard McGuin said: "I am getting so many complaints about the way it's being operated.
"We should be increasing our recycling rates but punishing people like this is not the way to do it."