Kirklees: Give The Locals a New Park!

Kirklees: Give The Locals a New Park!

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Save Spenborough Skatepark!

Kirklees council have forged a plan to completely re-imagine theSpenborough leisure center which in it's great and good to see funding be put back into the local community. But one large issue I find with this is the demolition of the skatepark. 

Possible the demolition of the skatepark is unavoidable to update the aged fitness complex but the introduction of a new one would be even better.

The statement given by kirklees: The skate park will unfortunately be lost as part of this development; however, alternative skate park facilities are available within Kirklees at Wilton Park in Batley  and Knowl Park in Mirfield

Additionally, skate park facilities can be found at Welhome Park in Brighouse and in Morley. 

Lots users of spenborough come from being local of these parks and they choose spenborough as it has so much better build quality than the others.

It has also been used in community events, such as the competitions held by ProXtreme Sports a few summers ago, removing the park would also damage the surrounding corner shops and food shops as a large amount of people each summer come to spen, it packed almost every day of the summer and majority of the people will take a trip Hennie Pennies, Londis or even by new parts for there Scooter, Bike and Skateboards at ProXtreme. 

Spen's advantages:

  • Smoother transitions
  • Mellow yet easy to ride for younger kids
  • Advanced enough for good riders to enjoy
  • Balance of Street and Park elements
  • Close to local business (ProXtreme Sports.)

"Why can you all just go to the parks the Council have recommended?"

Spen is known to be alot better than the surrounding parks it has more lines to take mixture of street and park elements (Hubba, Flatbank, Cheeseblock, Flatledges, Flatrail, Downrail , Mini Half Pipe, Transfer hip)

The new Welhome parks is essentially and street corner with slight ride-ability. Knowl in Mirfield lacks the park elements and is quite basic compared to spen.

Morley is a decent park but the transitions are rough and unforgiving for younger kids. but Morley is great example of what Kirklees should aim for with Spenborough a modern open fitness complex with a outdoor skatepark close!

And it's not just the local economy that will be effected there is large amount of local kids who aren't going to be able to travel to Mirfield, Morley or Brighouse on their own due to parents working or not driving and this will ruin there summers. Spenborough is dead center of the surround High Schools and Primarys and large housing estates.

Kids from Liversiedge, Firthcliffe, Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton and Windybank are going to be the ones really losing out they might never ever get a chance to get into a possible lifetime hobby such as Skating, BMX or Scooters due to there never being a place for youth to go and find out about these sports.

BMX, Skating and Scooters have a large extreme sports following with shows such as XGames and Nitro Circus and even Olympic backgrounds these sports have as much as a importance as Swimming and Gym activities that will go on at the new fitness center.

A hopeful solution would be to have funding put forward by Kirklees Council and have plans for a new park and bring in professionals such as Maverick Skateparks and not have repeats of the Welhome remake.

I have wrote this to hopefully rally some people who care about the park to do something, I do not know where to go from here but best bet would to be share this on Twitter and @KirkleesCouncil and your local MPs and raise this as a concern. 

There is alot more to be said but I wanted to get this out quickly as plans are moving forward with the sports center.

Thank you for reading.