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Reverse the Kirklees policy that encourages fly tipping

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The Kirklees council committee have introduced some new changes to recycling in our local area that as council tax payers will cost us more money and reduce the services the council provides. In summary you can now no longer take items like soil, plasterboard and rubble to your local Kirklees recycling centre. Please sign this petition and urge the Kirklees council committee to think again about this self-defeating change. The flaws with this policy are listed below.

1. The council committee says they realise this will be unpopular but there is no other choice due to budget cuts. The main problem with this reasoning is that this will simply cost more money than it saves.

2. This will inevitably increase fly tipping as irresponsible people need little excuse to dump their waste on the side of some quiet country lane – making everyone’s environment less pleasant. Moreover, the council then has to pay someone to clear up this mess at significant cost. The fly tipper might well have done this themselves if they weren’t facing additional costs and delays.

3. The amount of people legitimately using the additional cost collection service for this waste will be very low. Instead people with either drip feed their rubbish into their grey bins or covertly put this waste into the general waste skips at their local recycling centre. This combined with point 2 will completely reverse any planned cost savings the misguided council committee think they will make.

4. Having piles of bags containing rubble, soil or plasterboard waiting for collection outside people’s houses will look unsightly.

5. Some in the council may view this as a cut to a non-essential service asking people to contribute towards their “extra” waste when they clearly have the money fund it. After all they’re doing home improvements or, are wealthy enough to have a garden! Putting aside for a moment the fact that the cuts will cost not save money even the logic of this is flawed too. Someone with enough spare cash to be paying the council twice to provide essential services like waste disposal will not be doing DIY. They will hire contractors to do the work or at the very least hire a skip. This policy change hits people on a budget taking pride in their property and garden often doing jobs too small to warrant a skip or pay the councils extra levy for collection.

6. The council’s rules on bulky waste collection are here As an example if I have 7 rubble sacks to dispose of. I wait around 3 weeks (maybe more) to have just over half of these collected, looking pretty outside my property (due to the 4 item limit). I then wait another 3 weeks to have the rest collected. 7 rubble sacks clearly aren’t enough waste to justify a skip. Does that process not sound a little backward?

7. The council have put this policy in place without any real analysis on the cost effectiveness of the proposal. There *might* be a trial going ahead now but this change is not temporary unless we fight this.

8. Finally, this is undemocratic. The majority of your local councillors didn’t vote for nor support this. This is decision enforced by the Labour run council committee. They (just) had a majority of the political parties for the 69 councillor seats available but have ALL the seats on the committee. This allows them to make 95% of the decisions unchecked. This is useful for them but unfortunately allows a bonkers decision like this that would not hold up to a wider vote of all the council members nor any logical scrutiny.

So fellow residents please please sign this petition and get your family and friends to do likewise. The petition needs 3000 signatures to be discussed again. Write to the 3 local councillors elected from your ward and ask for their stance on this matter.

Thank you

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