Crossing facility at Heaton Avenue Primary School

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Heaton Avenue like most schools is extremely chaotic in a morning and in an afternoon. It’s located on a busy street which is also used as a through road for many people. Unlike most schools in the area, Heaton Avenue does not have any crossing facility for children to use, meaning people crossing the roads are in dangerous scenarios surrounded by cars moving at speed and many parked cars! When cars are parked on both sides of the road, one car is able to squeeze through the gap left over . As it is a primary school, small children are continuously trying to cross the road and even when with parents, are not always seen by the drivers. Every day there is near misses and potential accidents waiting to happen and we all complain between each other. 

Today my son was knocked down by a car, the speed is unknown but it was purely an accident.  After attending a&e for a suspected broken leg, luckily he was given the all clear of any broken bones, just soft tissue damage. He  has to have 2 days off to rest but is already scared to go back to school - his words not mine. 

The school have been extremely supportive and have tried countless times to put in place safety facilities for children to use such as a lollipop lady and zebra crossing, they even applied to have the street as a 1 way street but all have been denied. 

We need to do something about this as it is such a huge problem. We’re all in a rush in a morning, we all have places to be, sometimes it takes that slight second for a child to be knocked down. I’m not saying this facility will male the street any easier to park on because it won’t - nor will it remove some of the silly drivers and silly parking, but it will make a difference to the children just trying to get to / from school safely. My son was lucky today but the next child might not be. 

We need to stand together to help keep our children safe. Our school needs a crossing facility!!