Clean our countryside up

Clean our countryside up

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Kirklees Council

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Started by Sarah Bellhouse

I was walking the dog, with my son, and we went to a local playground. What we saw when we got there was absolutely disgusting! There was litter everywhere!  And, when we looked around, not a bin to be seen.

I suspect this playground isn't the only one that is like this. My son picked up as much as he could, but it isn't enough!

This playground is only small, yet we would be able to fit at least 3 bins on the path outside it and 1 bin inside it. 

What we want the local council to do (and we hope other councils listen) is to place more bins on our streets and in our playgrounds, with regular collections and also hire people to pick up litter, thus creating more jobs.

We need to do this for the environment and for our children.

29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!