Slow speeding drivers in Hopton Lane in Mirfield before someone is killed or injured

Slow speeding drivers in Hopton Lane in Mirfield before someone is killed or injured

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Kirklees Council and West Yorkshire Police

Why this petition matters

Started by Martin Shaw

Speeding drivers are turning the lower part of Hopton Lane in Mirfield into a tragedy waiting to happen.

Residents take their lives into their hands when they manoeuvre into their driveways and are subject to abuse and intimidation from impatient motorists.

At peak times the narrow and winding lane is a nightmare to negotiate for residents. Since lockdown there are fewer cars on the road but speeds have increased dramatically.

Some drivers are prepared to risk the lives of residents and other vulnerable road users including cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

Since the Coronavirus Crisis more people are out walking in Hopton Lane and social distancing means they often have to step into the road. Cars ‘coming out of nowhere’ at speed are proving a real danger.

A number of much-loved family pets have also been killed in and around Hopton Lane, causing much distress for children in particular. 

Residents now demand urgent action before someone is killed or seriously injured.

We want West Yorkshire Police to carry out urgent speed checks and we call on Kirklees Council to consider the installation of speed bumps and/or a speed camera at the earliest opportunity.

If we reached 3,000 signatures on this petition it would trigger a debate in full council at Kirklees. A big ask but not impossible. Please sign the petition and share it as widely as you can on social media.

Let’s try to avoid an innocent family having their lives changed forever by a tragedy that could have been prevented. Importantly, please stay safe and follow social distancing at all times. Thanks for your support.

570 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!