End the Lego Movie

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Miller and Lord made a movie without Lego's approval and fabricated tons of plastic to make fake bricks. The conflict with the Lego group has not yet been finally settled in court. The biggest offense is the illegal use of the Lego company trademark, impersonation, the use of false names and false advertising relating to the original Lego sets. Lego filed a lawsuit in January 2013. So far, $ 6 million in damages has been paid. The sentence has remained suspended for the time being. It is estimated that in 2021, Christopher Miller, Phil Lord and other industry members will receive an official sentence. People said diffrent things:

- "We've been tricked! Don't buy, it's fake bricks! It's playing at someone else's expense, it's not LEGO!" - Bail Padda August 16, 2013.

- "I am disgusted with this action. Lego has been with me since my early childhood. Not only is it a scam, we were ridiculed. The company that my grandfather founded was ridiculed. The only hope is that someone will spread it and people will find out what the truth is. the media! " - Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

"It was a long-standing scam. When they filed it with Warner Bros. it had a different title. Until the trailers and official photos were released, they forged documents. We filed a lawsuit, and they did it late enough to go around the world and hide. They wanted to earn some money." money illegally. " - Mark Stafford.

"We were set up. Everything came out after the finished photos. None of us would have thought for a moment that they had done it without Lego's consent and faked it. I felt stupid, I wrote an apology to them." - Chris' Pratt.


It's not LEGO, It's worse than LEPIN and You now it.

#Ban The LM