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Equal priority to all languages

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Aim of this petition:

The sole aim of this petition is to highlight how ill-suited, irrelevent and inappropriate  the directives of notification issued by ministry of urban development dated December 2016 are especially in the context of our southern states.

It(notification) stated ,"The joint Hindi advisory committee of urban development after a meeting held at Kochi, has issued directions that as per the official language policy of the union government, it is necessary that at all metro stations located in non- Hindi speaking regions, the signboards, nameboards, announcements and publication material, etc for public information shall be in all three languages- regional language, Hindi and English."

The intention of this petition is also to bring​ to light several incidents of Hindi imposition in non-Hindi speaking regions be it naming of milestones, paper works in bank, post offices in Hindi and many more.

Why I started the petition?

I could not help but start this petition following the recent protests regarding Hindi imposition in Bengaluru metro.

To give little background of what prompted me to start this petition. I am a student currently pursuing my bachelor's degree from Bengaluru, although I was born in U.P but have lived in more than three states. 

Of all the states I have lived in I found the kannadigas to be more generous, helpful, welcoming and less ignorant. Before moving to Bengaluru I had reservations but all my reservations were dashed by people Bengaluru once I was there.

Once in a while in spare time after experiments my teacher and me used to have discussions on wide range of topics in one of those discussions he casually asked me "man we (kannadigas) have learnt Hindi when will you (north indians) guys learn Kannada." While to most of his questions I had a well thought answer but this time I was taken aback. I realised I had never thought about it though it was so obvious question. That day I realised how ignorant we have become towards our fellow countrymen's sentiments.

Why we should support this petition:

India is a multilingual country and no one's mother tongue is inferior to any other, the equal respect and priority for all the languages has been long pending before it takes a ugly turn let's make this change for our countrymen and ourselves.


  • Notification issued by Ministry of Urban development dated December 2016 should be reviewed.
  • Third language used in sign boards after local and English should not be by default Hindi but language of second largest linguistic group of that region.
  • Stop use of Hindi in bank paper works in non hindi speaking states as it creates problem for the ones who are not fluent in English and Hindi.

To end with the words of greatest Kannada poet of 20th century:-

"Of the criticism about your lacking, I am aware,  the ridicules of being backward, you had to bear, those adorned by gold, I shun        I regard you as glorious one, in lusture of your eyes I open my eyes with joy I'll grow in your holy land, thy glory I'll pen; thy name I'll call, for the fortune of your service I'll reject all."   - Kuvempu.

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