Paid Leave for ALL Kinokunia Bookstore Retail Employees in response to COVID-19

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In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are demanding Kinokunia Bookstores in the U.S shut down all its shops nationwide and grant ALL of its employees (full-time and part-time) paid leave while the stores are closed. Maintaining stores open during a time of crisis puts the public, employees, and their families at immense risk. Equally as important, school closures and access to childcare must also be taken into consideration as many Kinokunia employees are now being forced to decide between their health, their family, or their hourly wage. Steps have been taken to ensure the well-being of corporate staff but you must not forget that retail employees are the core power to all of the company's operations. Companies such as Apple, Nike, Warby Parker, and Urban Outfitters, among many other retailers, have shown their commitment to their employees by taking the cautionary measures of shutting down physical stores and ensuring their employees that they will continue to be paid even when stores are closed. If Kinokunia is truly committed to its global initiatives, now is the opportunity to prove that they value the efforts of the community that helped it grow to its global success.