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Get Rid of Knowledge Organizers or Homework

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Knowledge organizers give us 2-3 subjects per day that we need to write 2 pages of. From what I've heard from the confused teachers this is meant to be homework and revision all in one. Here's the kicker though: We're still getting homework.

Some of us have to cram knowledge organizers, homework and coursework into a day giving no free time. Now, if any staff are reading this you're probably thinking "oh but you're actually learning", you can only learn so much and doing it at this rate in the first half of year 11 can cause students to burn out. "What's burning out?" you ask looking through results created by hard labour and low target grades. It's what causes skilled students to fail, they've put so much work in they've exhausted themselves. We get told to "take a break" we don't have the time to take a break because how much work you put on us.

Because of these wastes of time, I give two (maybe three) options: Abandon homework or abandon knowledge organizers. Or if you feel merciful to your victims you can dispose of both so we have more time for revision and coursework. Now I'm fully aware you don't want to abandon knowledge organizers because the "time" and "effort" you put into them but do it for the well being of your students; we're not your test guinea pigs. We're not going to fail our important exams because you wanted to see how far you can push a child to exhaustion.

To all the students reading this I'm hoping you agree while reading this, I've heard everyone complain but I've seen no one act. If we want this to work we need to act on it. Sign this to show support if you too believe we should not have this!

Finally to the higher ups, I hope you listen and I hope you take this into account. You're probably ignoring it thinking "aw isn't that cute, a kid is trying to have an opinion",yes, I am trying to have an opinion. As soon as I say anything like this you will dismiss me as a dumb kid when you keep insisting that us year 11s are adults, so treat our opinions like that. Thank you for reading higher ups and students.

Postscript: If I don't come into school for a while I either got expelled, excluded or put into internal exclusion, that'd be fun because I'm having my education ripped from me again. In case this does happen though, do something. I want everyone to have their say in this and do something.

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