Prom at Kingswood should not be reward, it should be a celebration available to all.

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Prom at Kingswood is only available to those who have 50 inspiration points which are awarded for good behaviour, 50 prom points which are awarded for staying on after school to study, attendance also has to be above 95%. 

The problem is not everybody enjoys staying on at school and some can’t due to situations outside of school, for example looking after younger siblings. 

I think that it is unfair that students can only attend prom if they stay on to study after school. Some people may agree that study hub isn’t the perfect environment for revision due to loud noices and distractions from friends. I’m sure that many people would prefer to revise in the comfort of their own home where they can’t be distracted. 

I understand that some students don’t deserve to go to prom due to bad behaviour and attendance and this can be shown in the number of their inspiration points. However, to me, prom points are irrelevant and they do not show anything. Although it motivates students to revise, it puts pressure on them to stay behind when they don’t necessarily want to and there is a pressure to reach the target of 50 points by attending 50 sessions.

Some may argue that students will claim they are revising at home but this can be shown in the regular progress checks and the mock results.

Prom is a celebration of all the years we have spent in education and with friends, making memories and growing together. Everybody should have the chance to attend as it may be the last time we all come together as students at Kingswood.