An increase in the speed limit in our local street

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You'll be glad to know that I've applied to Kingston Council to have Mill Street's speed limit increased to 40mph. After much local consultation with myself, the overwhelming consensus was affirmative in this respect. I am confident that the council will implement my proposals. After all, we have a ridiculous situation where currently, ordinary drivers are unknowingly and regularly breaking the law when driving at a reasonable speed of 30mph or 40mph down our street, because some dolt at the council thought it appropriate to restrict the speed limit to 20mph. Doesn't he or she realise how difficult it is to drive at such a lowly speed?!

And don't get me started on pedestrians. Don't they know what the pavement is for?! You could cause a serious accident by your thoughtless and reckless behaviour in continuing to choose to walk on the road, which has been designed for the sole use of vehicles, not plodding pedestrians.

Mothers taking their children to school or nursery are the worst offenders of all. They insist on pushing their buggies down the middle of the road. Only the other day I had to slam on my brakes to avoid a serious accident. Are they not aware of the pollution this causes to the environment in having to apply one's brakes so fiercely?!

What's the point in owning a lovely big four wheel drive car if you choose to leave it at home and push your child down the road in a buggy instead?!

Expect to see new signage in our street very soon. I am hoping that as well as affixing new '40mph' signs on to lamp posts, they will agree with my proposal of having VEHICLES ONLY painted on the road surface to deter pedestrians from using our street as an extra wide pavement.

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