Kingston University Students Need Your Support

Kingston University Students Need Your Support

1 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emilio Escobar

We're a group of Kingston University students in desperate need. Our University has failed us. We now have no choice but to come out publicly.  

We demand Kingston take immediate measures to address our grievances and remedy them to our satisfaction. 

We're requesting our elected representatives to intervene and support us in this struggle. 

Our grievances: 

  1. We have been inadequately supported by Kingston
  2. We're disappointed by the quality of learning opportunities at Kingston
  3. Kingston never responds to our emails
  4. Our call for support falls on deaf ears
  5. Some of us were unfairly excluded, and we lost access to our study materials
  6. Many of us failed to submit our assignments as we were locked out of our accounts
  7. Kingston is not allowing us to submit our assignments the maximum number of times allowed by their own Policies and Regulations
  8. Kingston is now trying to get rid of us by offering us a mere Diploma qualification. This is not what we signed up for. This is not what we paid for

Our futures are at stake because Kingston insists on oppressing us 
We call upon the conscience of Kingston's senior leadership team and the Board of Governors to listen to us. 

If Kingston continues to ignore us, as a measure of last resort, we will occupy the Vice Chancellor's office to truly drive the message home. 

Please sign this petition to show your support. 


If you have any queries regarding this petition, please contact:

Emilio Escobar


Mobile: 07947886025


Support now
Signatures: 23Next Goal: 25
Support now