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Improve road safety on Coombe Lane

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Coombe Lane West is not a very safe road. The crossings are very dangerous because the traffic goes very quickly and it is difficult to see oncoming cars and busses.

In the morning, during drop off times, it is very congested and there aren't many crossing points.  We, the school council, would like more crossings for the children at various points along the road.

At the moment there is one pelican crossing directly outside the school, but that isn't enough. We would also like to see more humped crossings and zebra crossings, as at present there aren't any along the entire stretch.

Another suggestion is a cycle path on the pavement leading up to the school, to ensure pedestrians are safe, or some more speed signs and a reduction in the speed limit to 20, like most primary schools have.

Another dangerous area of Coombe Lane is the hospital crossroads which doesn't have pedestrian control and can be scary and intimidating to cross. More speed cameras would also be helpful.

We understand it is a main road and people want to get to where they need to go quickly, but we think children's safety is more important.

We recently had Nelson Mandela's own granddaughter - Zoleka Mandela, a road safety supporter, come and speak to us, to remind us how important it is. She lost children on the roads which reminds us it is vital to keep safe on the way to school.  

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